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May I please have one million dollars ?
Finally here's your chance to give Tom Miller a significant amount of free money!

Hello, My name is Tom Miller. As a respected performance artist, musician, painter, comedian, UFO expert, writer, poet, and amateur politician, I need quite a bit of money to continue my work.

One of the most important art projects which I've been working on all my life, is to find a very rich person who's willing to give me ONE MILLION DOLLARS free and clear in exchange for absolutely nothing. I call this performance art piece, "PLEASE MAY I HAVE ONE MILLION DOLLARS?"

Tom, What will you do with the money?

I'm glad you asked that question. I'll use the money to live an extravagant lifestyle, complete with fancy cars, expensive living arrangements, and heavy drinking and drug use; all things very important to a great artist. I'll also use the money to get sex, make art, record music, and purchase lobster dinners.

And you mean to say that in exchange for my contribution, I get absolutely nothing?

That's right. Well, nothing from me, anyway. But for yourself, you will gain some satisfaction that you contributed to art, and you'll be rewarded ten-fold by way of karma. That's TEN MILLION DOLLARS in return, from the universe, by way of karma.


Will there be any publicity?

Oh my, yes. That's part of the art. As soon as I get the money, I'll draw up a press release and send it to major media outlets all over the country letting the public know I was given ONE MILLION DOLLARS for free. It will be bigger than Oprah's car give-away! I also will petition the Fox Network to create a reality show called, "PLEASE MAY I HAVE ONE MILLION DOLLARS", which will chronicle my art of spending your money.

If I give you a million dollars, will you pay income tax on the money you receive from me?

Absolutely not. The money you give me (even if I actually earned it) wouldn't be taxable income. Please see the following web site for more information:

Can you at least assure me that you'll actually use some of the money to make art?

I can't assure you of that, because you'd be getting something from me in the way of an assurance. In this deal, you get absolutely nothing for your ONE MILLION DOLLARS from me. But know this: It's nothing BUT art to give an artist ONE MILLION DOLLARS for nothing. I assure you of that. Can you afford NOT to take advantage of this opportunity? Do it today! Do it now! Do it for the sake of art!

"Without benefactors, art is just business."
-- Tom Miller

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